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Opinions about school and education are personal. Everybody may not think same ideas about necessity of schooland global curriculum. Someone thinks that home schools will be better for students instead of traditional schools. Also someone thinks as reverse.
If I need to say my ideas about this subject, I can say that traditional school is necessary. Because development of technology doesn't mean that demand for teachers is to end. They lead students. They both teach and educate them. They help them to socialize. Sometimes, when students have pschological problems, teachers can speak with them and try to solve their problems. But at home school, there are not something like these. There are only video, computer, internet and etc. But these are only for teaching, not educating and their benefits are not certain. Because, at home school,much of the responsibility is on families and if family don't give enough important, students may feel freedom and don't want to study. When we think, even now, we don't want to study, do our homework. We want to spend our time by tripping, watching tv, using internet etc. instead of studying. So we can also understand the necessity of traditional school from these examples.
Shortly, however technology develops, it can't be compared with teachers and school environment. We all need to traditional schools to be able to develop our personality.
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18 Aralık 2010 Cumartesi


                                           FOREST FİRES

           My hometown Bergama is very beautiful city. It is not too big. But you can find almost

everything which you want in there.

           It is like a heaven with its historical places, villages, products, nature and etc. I wish all

these beauties were able to stay without demolishing. But like other cities , Bergama is also

living some problems and forest fires are one of them. Especially in its village which is named

as Kozak, fires are set up frequently.

           We can say lots of causes about forest fires such as leaving fire without extinguishing, 

reflected sun rays’s contact with glass, excessive heat, setting fire with the aim of profit. But

in Kozak, the main cause is leaving fire without extinguishing. Because people coming to

make picnic there don’t extinguish their fire by thinking it is not big to cause fire. But because

of the unwaited causes such as wind , excessive heat,  fire can grow and cause the big forest

fire. Consequently, lots of negative effects appear. For example; quantity of  water in dams

decrease, animals die, trees  annihilate, structure of soil demolishes, landslide appear.  Also as

a big consequent  of these, quantity of oxygen decreases , economy takes harm, picnic area

vanishes, and natural balance changes.

           All these negativeness have bad effects on my hometown. If people were careful little

more, security preventation were tight, risk of forest fires would decrease. Shortly, everything

depends on people. Everybody must be conscious and my hometown must stay as an

unchanged beauty.

                                                                                                       Büşra ÇALIŞKAN

14 Kasım 2010 Pazar


               Everything started with archeological curiosity.We went to Egypt with Archeologıcal club.We were

so excited to see the historical city,but we were disappointed.Because,the city was dirty,poor and

ruined.There was no traffic rule,trafiic light and cars were so old that they belonged to 1970s.There  was no

malls or shopping centers just little markets.

             The hotel which we stayed was in bad condition compare to Turkish hotels.We landed there at

daytime and there was nobody in city.Because of the desert's high temperature,people sleep all day and were

awake at night.

             After resting for a while in the hotel,we went to pyramids with our guide.He gave us interesting

information about pyramids and the most important thing which attracted us was the turning into the yoghurt

in two days inside the pyramid.

             Afterwards,we saw a lot of camel.When we asked to people who  there were,they said that there

was a camel competition.We decided to attend it.Riding camel was very enjoyable and intersting.Although

we were untrained,we won the competition and as a price,we won a free jeep safari.

             In the early morning,we set off with our jeep.Everything was on the way until the wind started.But

anyway we kept on our trip,after a while it became stronger and changed into horrible dust storm.Our

visibility was limited highly and we hardly could breath and see.In order not to get lost,we hugged with each

other.After one or two hours later we found ourselves in odd place.

             There were hieroglyphics,mummies and strange tombs.At first,we didn't check out what they

were,after a while we realized that it was the hidden city!

             Dust storm effected us,but we discovered an important thing,the unknown city.It was full at energy

and enjoyfull.

Written by: Büşra ÇALIŞKAN
                  Fatma KARACA
                  Merve ATAK
                  Sümeyye Nur ÇELİK
                  Okan ÇELİK

31 Ekim 2010 Pazar


                 In laugh theraphy,the most important thing is to direct our mind.Whatever  we focuse ourselves,it will be real.
                 Supposing we feel cold.If we think from it we will be ill,we will send our brain to become ill.And most probably we will  be ill.Also I want to give an another example which happened in the real life.There is a man who was locked in the refrigerator.This man thought that he would die by frozen in it.And while he was staying there ,he always thought it and waited to be frozen.Finally when the refrigerator was opened,the man was found as a dead.But later it was understood that the man died not because of being frozen.Because,the plug of refrigerator was not on.Now,we can understand from this example that if the man didn't think negatively,he would be alive now.
                   As a result,I find right Norman Cousins about his laugh theraphy.The more we think positively,the more our life will be easy.Even we Turks say like that:If you say something fourty times,it will be real.

25 Ekim 2010 Pazartesi

Ludwig Van Beethoven

           I will introduce Ludvig Van Beethoven to you.He was born in 1770 in Germany.He suffered from deafness.
           He was the member of poor family and his all siblings had obstacles.He loved music very much and he had capability of music.This made his father happy.Because,in this way,he could earn lots of money and his father could drink alcohol easily.But there was a problem.Because his hearing began to deteriote  day by day  and then he was completely deaf.But he didn't give up music and kept on composing and playing.Even,he composed his famous and loved almost by everyone '9 th symphony' when he was deaf.
           Beethoven is a person who must be respected and congratulated.Because he really loved music and even when he was deaf,he didn't give up.He believed and achieved.If you were Beethoven,what would you do? I do not know you,but if I were in his shoes,I couldn't cope with this obstacle.

24 Ekim 2010 Pazar

comparıson of the two film

               Angela's ashes and The Miracle Worker.These are the films which ı will compare. When we look contents of the both of  these films,we can say almost the same thing: the struggle against the difficulties.But these difficulties are not because of the same problems.
              In Angela's Ashes,main character Angela  and her family suffer from financial problems.Angela's husband uses alcohol very much and so he is fired from wherever he goes.Because of the poverty they have to live dilapidated houses ,their nourishments are meager and so some children of her become ill and die.Then her husband abandon them and goes to another city.But doesn't turn back again.
               In The Miracle Worker,there is a girl who is both deaf and blind because of the illness which she had when she was a baby.The girl is very rebel.Because her family don't educate her and living with her is very hard.So they hire a teacher to educate her.The teacher deals with her without getting tired.Finally she could achieve to educate the girl.Briefly,in this film the miracle worker is teacher.
            According to me,from these films,The Miracle Worker is more impressing than Angela's Ashes.Because there are lots of family who suffers from poverty and they can keep on their life better than blind,deaf and ill people.But illness is harder than  poverty and also dealing with blind and deaf people, trying to educate them is the hardest thing. So the teacher's patient is effected me deeply.